Dr. Andrew Wong Psychology



The following resources below provides educational information for children, youth, caregivers and educators so they can better understand mental health and cognitive conditions. It also provides support to families and information on finding further help through organizations and associations.


This video, produced by the World Health Organization, helps to accurately explain depression and how it feels, in order to gain a better understanding of its overall effects.

This TED talk by psychologist, Dr. Kelly McGonigal, introduces new ways to perceive stress and how to effectively manage stress by reaching out to others.


Another Story Book Shop

This bookstore in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood of Toronto has a large selection of books focusing on children and adult mental health.

Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario

The LDAO provides a wide range of information and resources relating to learning disabilities for caregivers as well as children. 

Autism Speaks

Autism Speaks helps families to learn more about autism spectrum disorder and also provides advocacy work related to autism.

Children and Adults with ADHD

CHADD is a resource for caregivers and children to learn more about ADHD as well as strategies to cope with its challenges.

These resources are not commercial endorsements and we do not receive any remuneration. They are only provided as educational information that may help individuals and their families.